Indiana Jones Expected For PS5 As Xbox Goes Third-Party

Multiple Reports Point To Starfield & Indiana Jones For PS5!

Story Highlights
  • A recent report stated Starfield would arrive on PlayStation this year.
  • This report has been followed up by similar claims for Indiana Jones and The Great Circle.
  • Microsoft might use this approach for most of its future titles.

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle was announced as an Xbox-exclusive first-party title for 2024. Following an impressive debut, this game created waves of excitement among Indy and Xbox fans, but the situation has seemingly changed less than a month later.

Recent reports suggest that Xbox is bringing Starfield and Hi-Fi Rush to PlayStation. An hour later, another insider has chimed in, stating that sources have pointed to the same treatment for MachineGames’ Indiana Jones and The Great Circle.

Why it matters: The lack of major exclusives could be a huge hurdle for Xbox as it tries to claw back from last place among the giants of this industry.

This scoop comes from reliable insider Tom Warren, who states that exclusivity for this release won’t last longer than a few months.

His report states Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will be a timed exclusive for Xbox, with Microsoft currently planning to launch the game on PlayStation in December 2024.

This also means that the possibility of games like Gears 6, The Elder Scrolls 6, and more coming to PlayStation cannot be ruled out. Microsoft’s new multiplatform push is becoming more complex with each new report, leading to an outcry for a clear statement.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

The major motivation behind this decision appears to have been the massive user base on PlayStation.

Microsoft already admitted that both Starfield and Indiana Jones would sell around 10 million units each on the platform, potentially leading to Xbox backtracking on exclusivity.

It is no secret that Xbox hardware sales are currently struggling. Microsoft’s revenue forecasts also predict poor results next quarter. To deal with these issues, the gaming giant needed drastic measures.

However, nobody expected Xbox to adopt a third-party approach. Many fear this decision will only hasten the demise of Microsoft’s gaming hardware, possibly putting it in a position similar to Sega.

A lot is still yet to be revealed about this situation, but fans who purchased Xbox Series S|X for exclusives will not be too happy.

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