Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Looks Stunning In First Gameplay Trailer

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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Out This Year on Xbox!

Story Highlights
  • Indiana Jones was finally shown during the recent Xbox Developer Direct
  • The game features both first and third-person gameplay.
  • Following a recent leak, the game is confirmed to be arriving in 2024.

Indiana Jones was announced as a collaboration between Todd Howard and MachineGames, the studio behind the modern Wolfenstein series. Several years after its reveal trailer, the game is finally ready to be released.

During the recent Xbox Developer Direct, Indiana Jones received its first gameplay trailer alongside an official release date.

Why it matters: MachineGames has released various highly-rated games in the past, establishing itself as one of Microsoft’s best first-party teams. Combined with the genius of Todd Howard, the studio’s latest project had a lot of buzz from the very beginning.

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The Xbox Developer Direct showed off various great games, but MachineGames’ title was undoubtedly the highlight of the presentation. As predicted by earlier leaks, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle officially arrives this year.

The new game shows a focus on puzzle-solving, combat, and exploration. It perfectly encapsulates the elements of this famous character that audiences have come to love.

MachineGames confirms a mostly first-person perspective for the game. The studio states this choice adds to the immersion of the experience, but the game still offers third-person gameplay from time to time.

The latter is used to highlight the more cinematic moments during gameplay. This choice allows MachineGames to flex its expertise in first-person gameplay while also catering to fans of third-person adventure games.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle arrives as an Xbox exclusive later this year.

Indiana Jones

It will also be available on PC and Game Pass like the rest of Xbox’s lineup. While Microsoft has already shown extensive footage of the game, fans can expect even more videos, interviews, and in-depth coverage in the coming months.

With teams like id Software and Tango Gameworks reportedly assisting in the development, there was already plenty of reason to be excited about Indiana Jones’ latest adventure. Xbox’s strong showcase during the Developer Direct has raised expectations further, promising an experience far more distinct than many had expected.

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