Indiana Jones

Xbox’s Indiana Jones Reportedly Releases December 2024

An insider suggests Xbox will release games till the very end of the year, with Indiana Jones and The Great Circle being the last.

Phil Spencer Confirms Starfield And Indiana Jones Not Coming to PS5

Microsoft's latest business update confirms that Starfield and Indiana Jones won't be coming to PS5 despite recent rumors.

Indiana Jones Expected For PS5 As Xbox Goes Third-Party

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is reportedly launching as a timed Xbox exclusive, with a PS5 release coming in December 2024.

Indiana Jones Uses First-Person Gameplay To Stand Out From Uncharted

MachineGames claims that Indiana Jones uses a first-person camera to stand out from other games, avoiding comparisons with Uncharted.

Indiana Jones Devs Claim They Are Perfect Studio For The Game

MachineGames explained that Todd Howard partnered with the studio because of the team's love and admiration for Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle Utilizes id Tech Engine

MachineGames is returning to the trust id Tech engine for Indiana Jones and The Great Circle after its work on Wolfenstein.

Indiana Jones Features Open Areas & First-Person Gameplay

MachineGames' has decided to create Indiana Jones in first-person, offering large areas to explore and puzzles to solve.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Looks Stunning In First Gameplay Trailer

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was finally shown during the Xbox Developer Direct, confirming a 2024 release for this title.

Indiana Jones: Doom Devs Reportedly Helped With Development

It has been reported that multiple studios like Tango Gameworks, id Software, and 343 Industries worked on the upcoming Indiana Jones game.

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