Avowed Officially Arrives Fall 2024 For PC & Xbox Series S|X

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  • Avowed is one of the most anticipated Xbox RPGs of 2024.
  • New footage for this game has been released during the Xbox Developer Direct.
  • Obsidian Entertainment confirms this game will launch in Fall 2024.

Avowed is one of the Xbox exclusives many people have been waiting for. Many have been craving another RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, the developer that gained popularity after its success on Fallout New Vegas.

Following last year’s showcase, the game was criticized for weak graphics, but RPG elements and combat showed a lot of potential. Microsoft’s latest Developer Direct has further highlighted this potential, confirming a Fall 2024 launch for Avowed.

Why it matters: Obsidian Entertainment is one of the best developers when it comes to making RPGs with immersive open worlds, plenty of choice, and engaging stories.

YouTube video

A detailed overview of the game has been revealed in the Xbox Developer Direct.

The developers have shown parts, like the combat, quest design, and more in detail. Combat, in particular, looks excellent, showcasing a variety of options, including melee, spells, and guns.

All of these combat options work together quite well. Avowed offers swappable loadouts, extending the choice of RPGs beyond just story beats and quests. This choice will be present throughout all combat encounters, placing player freedom at the heart of the game.


Visuals also appear to have received quite the uplift. While the RPG admittedly looked disappointing last year, the same cannot be said for this year’s footage, even though parts like character models could use a bit more work.

Overall, Avowed offers a mysterious world begging to be explored, full of life and threats.

While many expected Avowed to launch much sooner, a Fall 2024 release window should give Obsidian Entertainment plenty of time to polish the game. The developer is one of Xbox’s most talented teams, so the gaming giant is keen on letting it spend as much time as needed to perfect the title.

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