Indiana Jones: Doom Devs Reportedly Helped With Development

id Software & Tango Gameworks Assisted Development!

Story Highlights
  • Indiana Jones has been in development for many years.
  • In addition to MachineGames, studios like 343 Industries, id Software, and Tango Gameworks are involved in the project.
  • The first gameplay trailer for Indiana Jones will debut in two days.

Indiana Jones was first announced over three years ago, but the game’s development was slowed down because of the pandemic. While details about the project remain slim, Xbox is finally ready to take more.

A leak pointed to a 2024 launch last week, and it seems MachineGames received help from other Bethesda Softworks teams to meet this launch target. According to a report, multiple first-party Xbox teams worked on the game.

Why it matters: With so many studios working together, Xbox is likely confident in hitting its release target, making a 2024 launch more plausible than before.

YouTube video

During the recent Xbox Infinite podcast, co-host Middleagegameguy stated that various developers collaborated on Indiana Jones. He stated that, in addition to MachineGames, three other teams were involved in the development and said:

  “343 Studios, ID software, and tango Gameworks have all been working on this game.”

On the surface, this is quite a standard practice since game studios often work together with each other. With id Software and Tango Gameworks falling under the Bethesda Softworks umbrella, their collaboration with MachineGames is not too surprising.

Both MachineGames and id Software have close ties, relying on the id Tech engine. The latter also helped Bethesda Game Studios create Starfield, improving the first-person shooter gameplay.

However, 343 Industries’ inclusion is a bit surprising. This means two teams that specialize in first-person gameplay co-developed Indiana Jones, providing more evidence for the inclusion of first-person gameplay, as suggested by earlier leaks.

Meanwhile, Todd Howard is quite enthusiastic about the project. Therefore, members of Bethesda Game Studios may be involved in Indiana Jones as well, making this project a massive title for nearly everyone at publisher Bethesda Softworks.

The report did not clarify to what extent these studios were involved in the development, leaving open the possibility of closer collaborations rather than the standard game development process in the industry.

Indiana Jones

Still, it is worth noting that this information is not confirmed, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Todd Howard hinted last year that Indiana Jones was halfway through production. With more teams involved in the process, MachineGames might just be able to pull off a launch in 2024.

The Xbox Developer Direct is days away, and Xbox will debut the first Indiana Jones gameplay trailer during this mini-showcase. A release date could also be announced during the same event.

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