Starfield Reportedly Headed To PS5 In Shocking Turn of Events

Could Change Xbox's Future As We Know It!

Story Highlights
  • Recent discussions suggested a third-party push was underway at Microsoft.
  • Smaller games like Hi-Fi Rush were expected to be released everywhere, but a new report states Starfield is being ported to PS5.
  • Other sources suggest all Xbox games could be released on other platforms eventually.

Starfield was dubbed the biggest first-party game on Xbox in many years. Several years after this console brand became associated with the likes of Forza, Halo, and Gears, Bethesda Game Studios stepped forward to create another massive IP for Microsoft.

While the title was met with millions of players initially, it was eventually considered mediocre by many. The game has still proven a valuable exclusive to Xbox, but recent reports suggest that Microsoft is planning a PS5 release for this RPG.

Why it matters: This moment could change the future of Xbox. Exclusivity is considered a fundamental part of each console manufacturer’s ecosystem, but this move could open the floodgates for a fully third-party approach from Microsoft.


This report comes from Xbox Era. Last week, Xbox Era’s Nick Baker accurately revealed the contents of PlayStation’s State of Play, adding credibility to the website’s latest findings.

While recent rumors had pointed to the likes of Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves going multiplatform, this situation has evolved rapidly, becoming incredibly confusing and divisive.

Sources claim that Microsoft does not want to lose out on potential sales from PlayStation. The PS5 has a 50 million strong user base today, making it a compelling platform for Microsoft.

The controversial yet famous RPG is reportedly coming to the PS5 after the launch of the Shattered Space DLC. This report also states Xbox is investing in PS5 dev kits for greater multi-platform efforts.

Hi-Fi Rush is also headed to PS5 in Q1 2024, according to this leak.

Meanwhile, other reliable insiders like Jez Corden have hinted at the possibility of all Xbox IPs going third-party. Therefore, as odd as it may sound, the odds of Halo being playable on the PS5 are no longer non-existent.

This will be a lot to take in for Xbox and its fans. Regardless, an official announcement is expected this month. Following such discussions, Microsoft has likely noticed the discourse on social media.

Many fans are confused and disappointed, while others are just looking for answers. Amid this wave of uncertainty, we hope to see Xbox stepping up with an official statement to clear the air.

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