Epic Games Has Given Away $10K Worth of Free Games So Far

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Including GTA 5, Tomb Raider Trilogy, And More!

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  • It has been reported that Epic Games Store gave away free games worth $10,000 in the last six years.
  • They have also released a free game every week for the last five years.
  • Free games given away so far include Death Stranding, Saints Row, and more in 2023.

Epic Games Store was launched over six years ago and has been doing impressive work for gamers who want to enjoy iconic titles at no additional cost.

One year after the storefront’s debut, Epic started releasing free titles every week, and in 2020, it was reported that the store had already given games worth over $2,000. This total has risen to over $10,000 today, increasing by five times since then.

Why it matters: Epic wants to rival Steam on the PC platform. Publishers like Embracer Group also find the company to be a potential rival to Valve, making it an important part of PC gaming.

Saints Row

As reported by PCGamesN, Epic Games Store has given away games worth approximately $10,000 and has released over 393 free titles in the last six years, with one free game every week since 2019.

Though most of the games are from small indie developers, Epic Games Store has released some of the biggest titles for free, including Grand Theft Auto 5, Tomb Raider trilogy, Batman Arkham Trilogy, Control, and more.

While the publisher releases free games every week, it hosts special giveaways during the holidays. Every December, players receive one free game each day toward the end of the month, marking special Christmas giveaways.

Despite these efforts, the Epic Games Store is not profitable yet. The company has laid off nearly 1,000 employees recently as it seeks to grow in the PC gaming market and make more profits.

On the other hand, platforms like Steam, which rarely offer free games, run much smoother and dominate the PC gaming industry.

Fortnite resistance cover

Last year, the publisher gave away recently launched titles like The Evil Within, Saints Row 2022, and more. Epic Games Store has also continued its wave of free giveaways into 2024.

However, it is easy to notice that the frequency of big giveaways is going down. Epic Games Store is now more focused on giving away indie and AA titles, though this can be beneficial in its own ways.

There has also been a noticeable increase in recycled giveaways. Still, the storefront is unique in this aspect, encouraging millions to use this platform because of the appeal of free titles.

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