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Dead Island 2 Becomes Steam’s Top-Selling Game At Launch

Dead Island 2 became the best-seller on Steam the day after launch due to high anticipation and a discounted price.

Epic Games Has Given Away $10K Worth of Free Games So Far

Epic Games Store continues to host free giveaways on the storefront, with the total cost of these titles adding up to $10K so far.

Epic Games Shifts Focus To Apple After Beating Google In Court

Epic Games is not done after its recent victory over Google. It hopes to bring Fortnite everywhere and speak out against platform fees.

Google Hoped To Buy Epic Games For Fortnite On Stadia In Time For Launch

With Epic Games' lawsuit underway, internal emails have revealed that Google intended to buy the company all the way back in 2018.

Epic Games Store Is Still Operating At Loss Five Years Later

Following its latest court battle against Google, Epic Games has revealed that its platform is still run at a loss on PC.

Fortnite Player Count Reaches 6 Million After Return of Classic Map

Epic Games has revisited the classic map and gameplay systems of Fortnite, revitalizing the battle royal with millions of players.

How to Turn RTX On? Minecraft, Fortnite And Roblox

This guide goes over the basics of enabling ray tracing in modern games like Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5 for the best visuals possible.

Alan Wake 2 Was So Good Thanks To Epic Games, Says Remedy

Alan Wake 2 would not have been as successful without Epic Games since the publisher allowed Remedy full creative control over the project.

THE 6 BEST Mouse For Fortnite In 2024

In this guide, we will walk you through the best mouse for Fortnite based on their click latency, polling rate, comfort, and sensor.

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