Konami Expected To Remaster Classic Silent Hill Games For Current Consoles

Multiple Titles From The Acclaimed Franchise Incoming!

Story Highlights
  • Konami could be looking to port older Silent Hill games to modern hardware.
  • HexaDrive revealed that they pitched the idea to Konami.
  • Konami has yet to officially comment on the situation.

It seems we are heading towards a possible reveal of more information on the Silent Hill franchise.

Just as Konami dropped a new trailer for Silent Hill 2 and shadow-dropped The Short Message, a developer interview released by the studio indicates ports for a bunch of classic games could be in the pipeline for current-gen hardware.

Why it matters: Silent Hill is one of the industry’s most critically acclaimed horror franchises. This series returned in 2022, and Konami is expected to continue this push in the years to come.

YouTube video

HexaDrive is the studio behind the recently launched Silent Hill: The Short Message.

The level design director on the game has revealed that they were very interested in ‘remaking the Silent Hill’ franchise for modern hardware. However, the idea was shelved in favor of The Short Message.

Still, the team is interested in making more ports. According to the video, HexaDrive was initially contacted to port older games to modern hardware. Level design director Rika Miyatani also said:

“Ports would be nice too.”

If this happens, it would not be the first time Konami tries to revive the franchise.

They did something similar in 2012, and for the lack of a better word, it was a disaster. Those games had all kinds of bugs and performance issues, making them so broken that they were nearly unplayable.

silent hill the short message

With the launch of Silent Hill: The Short Message and the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake, we really hope Konami lets HexaDrive give a go for the ports as well.

The studio has yet to comment on the matter, but with many disappointed in Bloober Team’s recent approach to the remake, older ports could become definitive versions of these beloved classics.

The team’s latest work is quite reminiscent of PT, which was supposed to be the future of the franchise.

If HexaDrive has done a fantastic job on its new title, it makes the developer a natural contender for work on modern ports of the franchise. With Konami doing something similar for Metal Gear Solid, this seems like the obvious next step for Silent Hill.

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