Silent Hill 2 Remake Looks Stunning In First Gameplay Trailer

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Still No Release Date From Konami!

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  • PlayStation has aired a new Silent Hill 2 Remake trailer.
  • This trailer shows the first gameplay for this title since its initial announcement.
  • Konami has not revealed a release date for it yet.

Silent Hill 2 is set to make a grand comeback soon. While last year’s Silent Hill Ascension became this IP’s worst game to date, expectations were always high for Bloober Team and Konami’s upcoming remake.

Following last week’s teaser and final polishing, PlayStation has returned with a new look at this remake. The latest State of Play has also aired a new look at the game, confirming that it is now available on wishlist.

Why it matters: Konami is betting on Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill to return to the AAA gaming industry. Therefore, a lot is riding on the success of this remake.

YouTube video


The latest trailer shows Silent Hill 2 at its best. The subtle horror, deliberate pacing that emphasizes horror, and bizarre elements are at full display in the footage. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, these elements look better than ever.

Despite initial doubts, Bloober Team has done a great job preserving the core identity of this horror icon. Silent Hill 2 Remake will be immediately familiar to returning fans, making it a nostalgic experience.

Elsewhere, the remake modernizes Silent Hill 2 to make it welcoming for new players. All in all, Bloober Team and Konami have aimed high, creating a game for all types of horror game fans.

Silent Hill 2

Interestingly, the game does not have a release date yet.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is still expected to arrive later this year. However, with the lack of an announcement, the game might require a bit more time than expected. At the very least, Konami seems keen on giving the team enough time to polish the game, showing no signs of rushing it out for release.

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