Silent Hill 2 Reportedly In Polishing Phase As Development Wraps Up

Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Is Imminent!

Story Highlights
  • The Silent Hill franchise will go through a resurgence in 2024.
  • Multiple projects are in the works at Konami, and Silent Hill 2 Remake is the biggest of the bunch.
  • This remake has reportedly wrapped up development.
  • Bloober Team has begun focusing on its next project, so the remake should arrive in 2024.

2023 brought us many intense horror games ranging from remakes like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space to sequels like Alan Wake 2. Moving into 2024, the torch has been passed on to Silent Hill.

Last week, the Silent Hill IP producer teased more exciting news for 2024. While nothing has been announced officially so far, a leaker has hinted that the development of Silent Hill 2 Remake has been wrapped up.

Why it matters: Following Konami’s silence, fans have been growing impatient. This is a small but meaningful update for die-hard fans of the IP.

As reported by popular leaker Dusk Golem, Bloober Team is now shifting focus to its next project, hiring for new positions at the studio. The studio also appears to have received funding after meeting certain goals for Unreal Engine 5.

This likely means that most of the work on Silent Hill 2 Remake has been completed. While Konami has still not confirmed a release date, Bloober Team is only left with tasks like bug fixes and polishing on its hands.

Like its next game, this remake also uses Unreal Engine 5. According to reports, the game can arrive as early as March 2024, and Dusk Golem’s report makes such a release window even more likely.

All eyes are now on Konami. Not too long ago, Bloober Team asked fans to consult Konami for the game’s marketing, pointing out that the publisher makes decisions related to the release date, trailers, and gameplay previews.

Silent Hill 2

Apart from Silent Hill 2 Remake, various other projects of this IP are lined up for 2024. However, with the remake being Konami’s biggest project, it appears the studio is giving it all the attention and care Silent Hill 2 deserves.

Capcom set a high bar with the iconic remake of Resident Evil 4 last year, and Konami has the potential to rival that release in the coming months. Since the game is being polished now, we hope to see it launch without any major hiccups or hitches.

PlayStation has secured the marketing rights for Silent Hill 2 Remake, so we expect an early 2024 State of Play to show us a new look at the game very soon, finally revealing its release date.

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