GTA 5 Actor Strikes Back At Claims of GTA 6 Going Woke; Says Lucia Is Great

GTA 6 Not Going Woke!

Story Highlights
  • GTA 6 has received criticism due to Lucia’s role as a protagonist.
  • Some gamers are calling GTA 6 woke because of this approach.
  • Ned Luke, Michael’s voice actor from GTA 5, has called them clowns, stating that Lucia looks great.

GTA 6, the game many have been waiting for, was one of the major highlights of 2023. Following an incredibly exciting reveal, Rockstar showcased the IP’s first female protagonist in many years, with Lucia taking the lead.

The studio is aiming for perfection with the game, and this ambition has shined in the first trailer. However, some have dubbed GTA 6 as woke due to Lucia’s appearance in the footage.

Following such comments, Ned Luke has spoken up about the criticism.

Why it matters: Rockstar is typically known to address sensitive topics comically with the Grand Theft Auto series. This has led to concerns about the studio avoiding such subjects with GTA 6, but Ned Luke has clarified this is not the case.


In an interview with IGN, Ned Luke, the voice actor of Michael, said: 

“Lucia’s hard, man. In the trailer, she looked good.”

He addressed the recent criticism from a certain crowd, using harsh words and dubbing them clowns for concluding that Rockstar is going ‘woke’ just for including a female protagonist.

Ned Luke also pointed out that female protagonists have already been featured in Grand Theft Auto before. While the earlier games were not as big as today’s entries, Rockstar is not new to a female lead.

He later went on to predict that GTA 6 would be the biggest game ever, with Lucia shaping up to be one of the strongest characters from the IP.

YouTube video

That being said, Lucia isn’t the only reason for GTA 6 being called woke. Many have also pointed to the trailer mostly featuring Black and Hispanic people, but this criticism isn’t too valid either since the trailer only shows a small portion of the game.

Still, Ned Luke was careful not to discuss the subject in too much detail. Such topics can always be quite sensitive, leading to backlash from either party. Anyhow, we don’t think GTA 6 will be woke since the first trailer showed an entry just as wild as its predecessors.

Following the biggest reveal of 2023, GTA 6 has already won a major award from PlayStation. The game will arrive on consoles at first, followed by a PC release in 2026 or 2027.

With 2024 having begun, the title is officially arriving next year, though the developer is yet to confirm a more precise window.

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