GTA San Andreas Remains A Timeless Classic Two Decades Later

GTA San Andreas has stood the test of time, standing tall as one of Rockstar Games' most incredible releases to date.

GTA 6 Should Incorporate GTA 4’s Physics System Into Its Gameplay

GTA 4's physics system remains unparalleled in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, making it worth considering for GTA 6.

Developers Need To Stop Forcing Open Worlds Into Every Game

In an attempt to capitalize on the open world hype, the industry seems to be churning out subpar open world games to fill the market.

GTA 5 Crosses 195 Million Lifetime Sales Milestone

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has reached 420 million sales as GTA 5 edges closer to the 200 million sales mark.

GTA 5 Now Playable On Smartphones Via Emulation

A decade after its release, GTA 5 is finally playable on phones through emulation and can even run as smoothly as 50FPS.

GTA 5 Actor Strikes Back At Claims of GTA 6 Going Woke; Says Lucia Is Great

Ned Luke has replied to gamers calling GTA 6 woke after they made such comments due to the presence of Lucia as a lead character.

GTA 5: Recent Leaks Suggest Rockstar Canceled 8 Story DLCs

GTA 5 leaks have suggested that the developers planned to release eight-story mode DLCs but plans changed after GTA Online's success.

Complete GTA 5 Source Code Out in the Wild After New Leak

Rockstar has just suffered from another leak, revealing the complete source code of GTA 5, in addition to a Python script from GTA 6.

GTA 5 Michael Voice Actor Swatted During GTA Online Stream

Ned Luke, the voice actor of Michael De Santa, has seemingly been swatted during one of his recent live streams.

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