PS5 Already Won The Console Generation, Analyst Concludes

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Phil Spencer Previously Admitted Xbox Lost Console Wars!

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  • The PS5 reportedly outsold the Xbox Series S|X 3:1 in 2023.
  • Following this report, analysts from Digital Foundry believe Sony has won the generation.
  • They pointed out that Microsoft’s approach and an underwhelming launch contributed to PlayStation’s current domination.

The competition between PlayStation and Xbox is a tale as old as two decades. Following Microsoft’s entry into the gaming industry, the two have vehemently competed for the top spot in the home console market after Nintendo stepped away from the technology race.

In 2023, the PS5 crossed the 50 million sales mark. Microsoft’s latest but likely outdated figures confirm the Xbox Series S|X sold at least 21 million units. Looking at the current trends, analysts believe this console generation has been won by Sony already.

Why it matters: Last year, Phil Spencer admitted Xbox lost the console wars, but fans remain hopeful that Microsoft can make a huge comeback with a carefully planned strategy.

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Members of Digital Foundry, best known for their analysis of the technical aspects of games, recently discussed the console gaming landscape after reports claimed the PS5 outsold the Xbox Series S|X 3:1 in 2023.

The group also discussed the rumors of a new Xbox console releasing in 2026 and pondered over Sony’s current lead. Richard Leadbetter pointed out:

“Essentially, Sony has won this console generation.”

He went on to state that this may not necessarily matter due to the different approach each gaming giant has taken this generation, but fans still crave competition, and it drives both companies to try and outpace each other. The analyst said:

“People love competition and we’re not seeing it at the moment in the console space.”

Digital Foundry pointed out that both Microsoft and Sony have made a few interesting decisions this generation.

Xbox had a sizable opportunity on its hand due to the limited stock of the PS5, the somewhat declining reputation of Jim Ryan, who is retiring soon, and the lead in the raw hardware specifications.

However, the Xbox Series S|X launched without any major hitters. The big comeback moment for Halo was also diminished by the disappointing reveal of Halo Infinite, which was lambasted for its poor visuals despite Microsoft boasting its powerful hardware.

On the other hand, PlayStation had games like Demon’s Souls to cover the next-gen launch, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales ensured mass appeal was on the side of the PS5. All of these factors came together to produce this gap in both consoles.

Looking at the future, both gaming giants seem to have a different strategy. PlayStation is more focused on console sales, but Xbox is promoting growth as a platform with Game Pass at the forefront.

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The group pointed out that the latter’s approach may have cannibalized console sales. Still, the gaming landscape is constantly shifting.

Xbox now leads a massive first-party team with Activision Blizzard. This has also concerned PlayStation, who, in a desperate attempt to catch up, has begun to reinforce its live-service ambitions.

However, the gaming giant’s ambition has been far from smooth so far, with a premier studio like Naughty Dog recently canceling its major live service game.

Xbox’s decision to release a new console as early as 2026 could be the wildcard in the race between the two. During the Xbox 360 era, Microsoft took the same approach, and it worked out surprisingly well.

However, the gaming giant’s goal of creating an ecosystem across all platforms might prove to be detrimental to its console hardware business in the long run.

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