Marvel’s Wolverine Features Real-Time Battle Damage & Healing

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Wolverine's Body Will Deteriorate & Heal Dynamically!

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  • Marvel’s Wolverine will depict battle damage and healing in real time.
  • A similar system was implemented in 2009’s X-Men Origins Wolverine.
  • Insomniac Games is aiming for photorealistic visuals, so the studio will showcase a more detailed implementation of this system.

Plenty of information about Marvel’s Wolverine is now available all over the internet after recent leaks. This includes a 60FPS target, a runtime of around 15 hours, and an upcoming universe of X-Men games.

However, the leaks have revealed even more intriguing information about the game. According to Insomniac Games’ document, the game features real-time damage for the character.

Why it matters: Wolverine’s healing factor is incredibly effective, helping the character recover from damage like torn skin, bullet shots, and even deadly burns.

YouTube video

The healing factor is not shown in the leaked footage, but Insomniac Games points it out as a major goal, along with the other targets for Marvel’s Wolverine.

However, X-Men Origins Wolverine from 2009 has shown a system that could become the inspiration for the upcoming title. Despite the less-than-stellar production value of the game, its regeneration system looks quite detailed.

Wolverine can recover from explosions on more than just a surface level, with the individual tissues healing followed by the skin. Therefore, fans can expect a similar system with even more polish.

Since the game is aiming for an up-close camera angle and top-notch visuals, Insomniac Games’ implementation will likely be more detailed, highlighting the gruesome side of the character and his stories.

This should lead to a more immersive experience since players will be able to see the impact of each battle, with stronger foes posing a greater threat, demonstrated by the damage to Wolverine.

Marvel's Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine will also feature destruction and dynamic weather. Combining all of these systems, the game is expected to be a visual powerhouse, putting the current-gen PS5 to good use.

Another interesting piece of information revealed by the leaks is the fact that Insomniac Games is aiming to match the level of visuals seen in Hellblade 2. Since this game looks stunning in the latest footage, this is certainly an ambitious target.

Marvel’s Wolverine should be released at some point in 2026, so Insomniac Games still has a lot of time to iron the game. It already looks quite polished from the early builds, and we can’t wait to see these dynamic visuals in action once the game is completed.

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