Wolverine Leak Confirms Default 60FPS Target On PS5

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  • Insomniac is looking to use 60FPS as the default framerate for Marvel’s Wolverine. 
  • There could be a 30 FPS fidelity mode as well. 
  • The game is slated for release in 2026.

As Insomniac leaks continue to emerge, even more information on Marvel’s Wolverine has surfaced. Like Insomniac’s past games, it will include a performance mode, targeting 60FPS as the default frame rate.

This has been largely the case for most PlayStation releases over the past few years.

Why it matters: 60FPS is the way to go in this modern age of gaming. A few console games are still limited to 30FPS, but the general public is no longer satisfied with this limit.

Marvel Wolverine

A leaked slide points to this frame rate for Wolverine, but Insomniac may also include a 30FPS mode. This was already the case for Spider-Man 2, which debuted with multiple graphics modes, allowing users to pick between 30 and 60FPS on consoles.

Spider-Man 2 also had a VRR mode that utilized a compatible 120Hz screen to attain 40 FPS while keeping most of the visual integrity. Therefore, VRR support could be included for Wolverine, too.

The 30FPS mode typically comes with all the bells and whistles, including the best possible textures, ray-traced reflections, lighting, and shadows, depending on the options. The 60FPS mode dials these settings back but offers smoother gameplay.

Interestingly, Insomniac kept ray tracing enabled in all modes for Spider-Man 2. With Wolverine being a linear game on a smaller scale, the studio may again opt to keep these visual settings enabled at 60FPS.

Marvel's Wolverine SAG-AFTRA

Shifting to smaller and more focused levels instead of an open world should lead to better visual fidelity without a major hit to frame rate in this instance.

Sony’s focus on 60FPS for its first-party games is quite pleasant. While Xbox games like Starfield have launched at 30FPS this year, nearly every PlayStation exclusive has included a performance mode.

In addition to details about performance mode, the leaks have revealed multiple playable characters for Wolverine. The game is due for release in 2026, and it already sounds like a very promising Marvel adaptation.

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