Marvel’s Wolverine Leak Reveals 15 Hours of Playtime

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15 Hours For All Main & Side Content!

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  • A leaked image reveals that Wolverine’s total playtime would be around 15 hours, including main story and side missions.
  • Compared to Spider-Man 2’s 17-hour story, Wolverine seems to be a shorter adventure.
  • This playtime could mean it offers an experience focused on the narrative, like Uncharted 4, with a few opportunities to get sidetracked.

While the Spider-Man games have been popular for their fun and adventurous nature, Marvel’s Wolverine looks promising as a different take, providing a mature and brutal perspective on another Marvel superhero.

New details about the game have emerged, courtesy of leaks coming from Insomniac Games. According to the leaked image, Marvel’s Wolverine will only last 15 hours. 

Why it matters: This length could lead to contentions about the game’s price and value proposition in 2026. Since AAA titles cost $70 now, audiences are looking for longer and more detailed experiences.

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This estimate includes gameplay and the optional side quests. Insomniac Games seems to be developing a much shorter game for the character compared to their Spider-Man titles.

Spider-Man 2 offers around 17 hours of story, with players looking at about 30 hours of content for 100% completion. This stark contrast, while concerning, likely highlights the different approaches between these two titles.

Unlike the freedom and open world of Spider-Man, Marvel’s Wolverine seems to be a semi-linear game. Therefore, most of its content will be found in the main narrative, which inherently lowers playtime.

Those familiar with PlayStation games might recall Uncharted 4 as having a similar format. The game shipped with various collectibles and a few very wide levels, offering around 20 hours of total content.

YouTube video

Other than the playtime, the leaks confirm a 60FPS mode for Marvel’s Wolverine. Various videos featuring the combat also highlight the brutality expected from an adventure featuring the character.

Furthermore, the data breach essentially reveals that Marvel’s Wolverine will feature two playable characters: Logan/Wolverine and Jean Grey.

Leaked info also suggests the story will take us to various places, including Alaska, Avalon, Canada, Japan, and the fictional island of Madripoor from X-Men. Wolverine is expected to launch on PS5 in 2026.

However, the data breach leaked the game’s playable PC build way ahead of launch. This certainly suggests that Wolverine will make its way to PC after the game is officially launched on PS5.

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