PS5 Pro AI-Based Upscaling Hinted Again In Latest Leaks

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PS5 Pro Upscaling Could Rival DLSS!

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  • Sony is expected to launch the PS5 Pro in 2024.
  • The console is rumored to feature a Zen 2 CPU and beefier RDNA 3 graphics.
  • Rumors stated that it would also feature AI upscaling, and the latest Insomniac leaks have provided more evidence for this feature.

Following a trend that began last generation, Sony is expected to finally unveil the PS5 Pro this year after months of rumors and speculation. Expected to be a major upgrade over the existing hardware, this system will become the world’s most powerful console.

However, this console reportedly packs an extra feature that should give it another edge over the competition. Reliable reports indicated that Sony would release a dedicated version of DLSS, and this information has been confirmed in the recent Wolverine leak.

Why it matters: AI upscaling will enhance the graphical capabilities of the Pro version, giving it an edge over the traditional upscaling in the Xbox Series S|X and the base PS5 consoles.

PS5 Pro

According to the leaks, Wolverine will support machine learning upscaling. The same leaks have revealed information about the game’s frame rate target and length before, providing details about the studio’s work.

Since the current RDNA 2 hardware in the base console is not capable of AI-based upscaling, Insominac’s use of the term machine learning upscaling is quite interesting.

Other details from the leak include graphical features like real-time global illumination, dynamic weather, and more. The studio is likely heavily invested in the PS5 Pro, hoping to use its full potential for its next games.

Artificial intelligence makes all the difference when comparing technologies like DLSS and FSR. The latter can sometimes suffer from more artifacts, aliasing, and overall worse image quality than DLSS.

Therefore, Sony’s reliance on AI could become a major selling point for the PS5 Pro.

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5

Elsewhere, the PS5 Pro should include a slightly overclocked CPU despite sticking with the same eight-core Zen 2 setup. All of this, in addition to much-improved ray-tracing, will likely come together for one of the most impressive console releases to date.

With games like GTA 6 coming in 2025, this late 2024 console launch should be a major asset to PlayStation.

While the game might struggle to support 60FPS on consoles, the extra horsepower from the PS5 Pro might just be enough to push the game over the 30FPS barrier. Therefore, all eyes are on Sony and the impending reveal of this hardware.

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