Souls-like Games To Explode In Popularity In 2024, Says Analyst

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More & More Devs Will Create Souls-Likes!

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  • Elden Ring opened the floodgates to mainstream attention for Souls-likes.
  • An analyst expects this genre to receive more attention in 2024.
  • Games like Rise of the Ronin and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are already confirmed for release this year.

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring completely changed the perception of Souls-like games. Having sold 20 million units, this game’s success was quite a surprise for the studio itself, but other developers were quick to take notice.

In 2023, Souls-like games went through a major evolution. Following games like the positively received Lies of P, a new standard has been set for the genre, and analysts expect a new boom for Souls-likes in 2024.

Why it matters: The genre has finally begun to evolve beyond typical copy-and-paste releases, with recent titles bringing more unique elements to the table.

Lies of P

Speaking to Games Industry, analyst Tom Wijman from Newzoo highlighted his predictions for 2024. He pointed to shifts like the use of AI in game development, a key goal for Square Enix this year, but also outlined his expectations for the Souls-like genre.

Tom Wijman believes Elden Ring is the reason behind this impending Souls-like onslaught, with the game motivating numerous studios to follow through in 2024. He said:

“We expect a flood of announcements showcasing these projects.”

To prove this point, several games have already been announced. Rise of the Ronin is the latest release from Team Ninja, a studio that has been invested in the genre since 2017’s Nioh.

Black Myth: Wukong is set to release this year, becoming another highly-anticipated entry into this genre. While unconfirmed, PlayStation’s Stellar Blade has also shown hints of Souls-like elements.

FromSoftware’s formula of creating incredibly punishing games has been consistently enticing for audiences. However, other developers have rarely figured out how to nail the aspects that this Japanese studio excels at.

Lies of P

With the renewed interest in Souls-like, we believe more and more teams will inch closer to FromSoftware’s approach. The large number of studios contributing to the genre should also add more variety, taking it beyond the typical medieval or Victorian setting.

Like other studios, FromSoftware will continue to contribute to the growth of Souls-likes in 2024. Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC should be released soon, possibly being followed by another expansion next year.

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