Elden Ring Leak Reveals 2nd Expansion Targeting 2025 Launch

Shadow of the Erdtree Coming Feb 2024!

Story Highlights
  • Elden Ring is quickly approaching its second anniversary.
  • According to a leak, Shadow of the Erdtree may be released on this anniversary.
  • The leak points to another expansion or major key beat for the game in 2025.

FromSoftware is currently working on an expansion for Elden Ring. Shadow of the Erdtree is said to offer multiple DLCs worth of content, with an earlier rumor pointing to a release in February 2024.

Adding fuel to the fire, users on Reddit have spotted images from a leaked Elden Ring collaboration with Thrustmaster. This leak reiterates the February 2024 launch for Shadow of the Erdtree, suggesting another expansion may be lined up for 2025.

Why it matters: FromSoftware does not typically support its games for longer than a year or two, making this an exception from the studio.



While the information was promptly taken down, Redditors have been quick to grab important images.

For starters, the slides state that Shadow of the Erdtree will align with Elden Ring’s anniversary. The game was first released on 25 February, so this expansion may be available worldwide on the same day in 2024.

More interesting, however, is the roadmap given in the promotion. Thrustmaster confirms intentions for future collaborations, highlighting custom controllers that will coincide with a possible expansion or major Elden Ring key beat in 2025.

Not too long ago, FromSoftware’s parent company confirmed long-term support for Elden Ring. Adding these two pieces of information together, more content for the game down the road does not seem too far-fetched.

Elden Ring

While nothing is confirmed for now, we can see the game receiving more content in 2025.

FromSoftware has seen unprecedented success with Elden Ring, with the studio still being shocked to this day. The game has sold 20 million units, so it might be worth supporting it for a few more years.

The Elden Ring universe is still brimming with potential. Despite an expansive base game, the franchise has many stories to tell, and FromSoftware might be looking to capitalize on these possibilities through a new expansion.

With Shadow of the Erdtree seemingly ready to launch, an announcement or teaser for the next expansion could be revealed in the coming months.

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