PS5 Pro Will Reportedly Be Very Easy To Develop Games For

Sony Making Developer-Friendly System!

Story Highlights
  • Specifications of the PS5 Pro were recently leaked online.
  • A leaker has shared his thoughts on the leak, claiming that it sounds believable.
  • According to the discussion, this console will be easy to create games for.

More information on the PS5 Pro was leaked recently, pointing to double the ray tracing performance but a similar Zen 2 CPU as the base model.

Following up on this information, leaker Moore’s Law is Dead has added his own two cents to the story. He claims this leak should be taken seriously, and the Pro console will be very developer-friendly.

Why it matters: The PS5 Pro will position Sony as the manufacturer of the world’s most powerful console. Its developer-friendliness will be icing on the cake for studios looking to use the console’s power.

YouTube video

According to the video, a Zen 2 CPU seems to be the best option for Sony’s upcoming Pro console. While this CPU is clearly showing its age in the latest games, it can still be quite capable when properly utilized.

The leaker argues that since Sony is looking to carry over many properties of the base console instead of a total overhaul, developers will not have to put in much effort to benefit from the hardware.

Consequently, this will make the PS5 Pro very developer-friendly, requiring little to no extra work from studios. However, those who wish to go the extra mile will be able to benefit greatly from the enhancements for the definitive console experience.

Still, it should be noted that the current GPU specifications do not sound very believable. Reducing the clock speeds of the GPU would produce compatibility problems for the PS5 ecosystem, so this part of the leak might be wrong.

The PS5 Pro should target GPU frequencies higher than 2.0 GHz, but more information will show up later this month since development kits are reportedly being sent out soon.

PlayStation PS5 Pro

If the enhanced Sony console is indeed as developer-friendly as Moore’s Law is Dead suggests, PlayStation might be able to offer a better than 30FPS experience for upcoming games like GTA 6.

This title seems to be pushing all boundaries, leading to suspicions about a mere 30FPS cap on consoles, which would make it among the few titles to skip 60FPS on the new hardware. However, this might become the norm moving forward.

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