Square Enix Confirms Focus on AI For Future Development

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Will Also Focus On Blockchain And Web 3.0!

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  • Square Enix has been focused on new technologies like Blockchain and Web 3.0 since last year.
  • In the future, generative AI will also be a key focus for the publisher.
  • This technology could help the gaming giant create major AAA titles faster through streamlined development.

Square Enix has always been keen to delve into new technologies and explore various parts of the gaming industry. Last year, the company confirmed a focus on Blockchain games and NFTs, reiterating this focus in the latest New Year’s letter.

However, adding to this goal, the Japanese gaming giant will also focus on artificial intelligence to strengthen its development pipeline.

Why it matters: Over the last year, the field of AI, in particular, has taken great strides. Companies like Nvidia were practically transformed through the newfound interest in this sector, making $18.1 billion in a single quarter.

Final Fantasy 15

President Takashi Kiryu just issued his New Year’s letter for the company, highlighting Square Enix’s goals for 2024. Pointing to the importance of AI, he said:

“We intend to be aggressive in applying AI and other cutting-edge technologies.”

The President acknowledged new technologies like ChatGPT, which helped push the idea of generative AI forward. He pointed out that this technology can be used in cases like images, videos, and music.

This emerging technology should benefit developers and assist the process of game creation. Ubisoft was one of the few to show a practical example this year, with its Ghost Writer AI tool assisting in creating NPC dialogue.

Therefore, artificial intelligence has the potential to accelerate the process of game development by letting developers handle the most crucial parts of game creation as the AI works on the mundane aspects.

AI could also address a persistent problem in the industry- the long development cycles for AAA games. Since Square Enix hopes to release more AAA games, reliance on AI could be a massive part of its plans moving forward.

Final Fantasy 16

Apart from this focus, President Takashi Kiryu confirmed that blockchain and Web 3.0 would remain a focus. Whether this focus will blend into future games, however, remains to be seen.

2024 should be a big year for Square Enix. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is one of 2024’s biggest games, and it is months away at this point. Final Fantasy 16 is also coming to PC for the first time this year, so the gaming giant has much to look forward to.

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