Ubisoft To Use AI Tool For NPC Dialogues In Upcoming Games

AI-Generated Dialogue?

Ubisoft is famous for large and expansive worlds in franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and more. These worlds are also filled with NPCs who interact with the players and add to the immersion of the games.

As a developer, Ubisoft has the task of writing believable dialogue for their NPCs. The French giant has now developed an AI tool to make this easier. Ubisoft has shared a small video introducing AI Ghostwriter, elaborating on how the tool works.

YouTube video

The team at Ubisoft La Forge has created the tool, and Ubisoft explains that AI can ease things for scriptwriters.

However, the AI tool does not eliminate human input. Scriptwriters are still needed to provide a character and reference dialogue. The AI can then modify this dialogue depending on the situation selected.

The scriptwriters can edit or delete the AI results, and the AI adapts to each change. This should, in theory, lead to a more proficient AI-based dialogue tool after extensive use and experimentation.

Many of the responses to the announcement have criticized Ubisoft. The Youtube comments section seems to share the notion that this might make Ubisoft’s future worlds and games feel lifeless.

On Twitter, Sony Santa Monica writer Alanah Pearce shared her thoughts on the tool, stating that editing AI written lines sounds more time-consuming. She suggested that AAA studios should invest in hiring more writers instead of AI tools for this purpose.

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