Suicide Squad Reportedly Receives Positive Feedback From Internal Tests

Suicide Squad Surprises In Playtest?

Following a disappointing appearance at the latest State of Play, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has received criticism for many aspects, including its live-service elements. Many were also disappointed to learn that the game always needs an active internet connection.

Recent leaks claim that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be delayed by a few months, possibly being pushed into 2024. This information comes from a reliable source and has spread like wildfire, but Rocksteady has not made any official announcements yet.

Despite the game’s negative reception, during a recent VGC Podcast, host Andy Robinson claims that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has received positive feedback from internal playtesters.

“Some of the people I’ve spoken to who are working on that game actually have a lot of positive things to say about it.”

He went on to compare Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League with last year’s Gotham Knights and said:

“I’ve been told that this is not another Gotham Knights.”

Despite featuring iconic characters like Nightwing and Red Hood, Gotham Knights launched to a mediocre reception. The game was constantly compared to previous Batman Arkham titles and fell short in many areas.

It also launched with a plethora of technical issues. The game was locked at 30 fps on consoles and often struggled to achieve smooth frame rates even on higher-end PC hardware.

However, Gotham Knights do not have a live-service model. Recently, live-service games have been shutting down one after another, and many have grown tired of trends like Battle Passes and cosmetic microtransactions.

While much of the criticism for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was based around its live-service elements, the game also disappointed fans who wanted unique playstyles for each character.

The recent report does, however, provide more hope for the future. This impressive playtesting reception may have encouraged Warner Bros to delay the game for further polishing and improvement.

A delay could allow Rocksteady more time to address a few criticisms while incorporating more mechanics suited to unique characters like King Shark and Captain Boomerang.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will release in May. Based on recent rumors, however, Rocksteady could announce a delay anytime now. This should allow the developer to capitalize on the game’s strengths while improving on its weak areas.

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