Microsoft Patent Points To Joy-Con Like Controller For Various Devices

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Possible Step For Xbox In Handheld Gaming?

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  • Handhelds have found their footing once again in recent years and have had a lot of success since many major companies have entered the market.
  • It seems Microsoft is also looking forward to experiment with its own take on Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons.
  • The controllers would feature a self-adjusting grip mechanism and work in conjunction with a variety of devices.

Handhelds saw quite a decline over the last decade due to major firms like Sony losing interest in the handheld market. However, following the success of the Nintendo Switch, handhelds seem to be blooming once again.

The Lenovo Legion GO, Steam Deck OLED, ROG Ally, and more have been sweeping the market. Recently, Sony also released the PlayStation Portal as a handheld accessory for the PS5, but Microsoft has ignored this part of the gaming industry.

However, it appears to be gearing up for something related to the handheld market, according to a recently published patent.

Why it matters: Microsoft has become popular on devices like tablets, phones, and more due to services like Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Therefore, this controller could be quite an asset to the company.

Microsoft Joy-Cons Patent - Drawing 1
Microsoft Joy-Cons Patent – Drawing 1

Microsoft published a patent for Adaptable Input Devices a few days ago, showcasing its take on detachable Joy-Cons, similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Although some of the patent’s designs have a striking resemblance to Sony’s PlayStation Portal, Microsoft’s Joy-Con-like controllers are designed to work across multiple displays.

The patent even includes a drawing of the controllers attached to a folding device that resembles the Samsung Galaxy Fold phones a lot. To achieve this level of compatibility, the controllers require a self-adjusting gripping mechanism.

Microsoft has already contemplated Joy-Con-like controllers before, as evidenced by previously disclosed patents. However, those patents do not appear to have come to fruition yet.

Still, the latest patent appears more detailed than before, possibly hinting that Microsoft is serious about this approach now.

Microsoft Joy-Cons Patent - Drawing 2
Microsoft Joy-Cons Patent – Drawing 2

While we love the idea of a handheld Xbox, a dedicated streaming handheld like the PlayStation Portal sounds like a safer bet.

Since the patent aims to support multiple devices, Microsoft could also go ahead and just create the Joy-Con controllers alone, letting consumers pick a device to pair with them.

Although the information regarding these controllers has been very scarce, once Microsoft decides to create a product based on the patent, it could help bring more mobile gamers toward Xbox offerings.

The company is already planning to establish a mobile gaming store, and dedicated hardware accessories like these controllers could help it gain a stronger hold over the market.

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