PlayStation Portal Officially Confirmed For November 15 Release

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Streaming Handheld For PS5 Coming Soon!

A week after Sony confirmed new details about the PlayStation Portal, the gaming giant has opened pre-orders for the new device. In addition to pre-orders, Sony has also announced a November 15 release date for the PlayStation Portal.

Why it matters: The handheld marks Sony’s first venture into the market since the PS Vita. While this new device does not support native gameplay, it has led to a lot of curiosity from many PS5 owners.

The PlayStation Portal is more of an accessory to the PS5 than a separate portable handheld.

Unlike handhelds like the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, Sony’s upcoming launch will completely rely on the PS5 console for its gaming capabilities, allowing users to stream PS5 games through the console over an internet connection.

Last week, Sony confirmed the handheld would cost $200, making it around 50% of the cost of a digital PS5 console. PlayStation owners interested in the device can head over to PS Direct for pre-orders.

However, the gaming giant has put a limit of one handheld per order to ensure it can meet the demand.

Among other features, the PlayStation Portal boasts features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers from the DualSense controller. This sets it apart from other handhelds like the Nintendo Switch.

The device also supports 1080p/60FPS gameplay on the 8″ display for a smooth experience through streaming.

Recent rumors have pointed to a new State of Play event for September. With new releases like the PlayStation Portal and games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 right around the corner, Sony may provide more details at the upcoming event.

Besides the handheld, Sony’s biggest hardware release in 2023 is expected to come in the form of a new PS5 console. Images of the updated model with a removable disc drive have already been leaked, but an official announcement is yet to be made.

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