PlayStation State of Play Reportedly Planned Following PS Plus Price Hike

Expected in September!

It seems Sony is ready to grace the industry with another State of Play, or so suggests Jeff Grubb. One of the most significant developments leading up to this presentation is the recent announcement of a price increase for the annual PS Plus subscription.

Players will now need to invest $79.99, $134.99, or $159.99 for 12 months of Essential, Extra, and Premium memberships, respectively. This sudden price hike has sparked numerous questions and speculations.

However, it appears that Sony is ready to answer these questions through the imminent State of Play.

Why it matters: The last PlayStation Showcase was not well-received, and the gaming giant also skipped Gamescom 2023. Therefore, many are hoping for an update on PlayStation soon.

The State of Play is expected to return in September this year. While it lines up with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Sony likely has more surprises in store.

PlayStation fans can expect to see an official look at the new PS5 model with a removable disc drive. This console has already been pictured in recent leaks, but an official announcement is yet to be made.

While it is crucial to be cautious about rumors and leaks, Jeff Grubb is a reliable insider who accurately leaked the previous PlayStation events of 2023. A State of Play would also make sense, considering the upcoming release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Sony’s decision to skip Gamescom 2023 left fans eager for updates. With the massive event now concluded, the gaming giant can have the spotlight on itself.

PlayStation State of Play 2023

Additionally, it is hard to ignore the influence and anticipation of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, set to be the PS5’s biggest title in 2023.

The possibility of this game headlining the next State of Play is thrilling, sparking hope for a detailed look at this highly-anticipated title.

Jeff Grubb also suggests Sony is looking to address the new PS Plus prices through the event in some way. The gaming giant was rumored to be working on a new PS2 emulator, which may be announced at the event.

Fans worldwide hope the State of Play will offer more than just a glimpse of a few games. Previously, these events have revealed looks at massive titles like Tekken 8, and another showcase for the PS5 is now anticipated for September.

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