Hi-Fi Rush Encouraged Bethesda To Take More Risks In Future

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Bethesda More Open To Unique Ideas Now!

Bethesda Softworks is one of the biggest publishers in the industry. The publisher has already released Hi-Fi Rush earlier this year and is expected to change the RPG genre forever with Starfield.

While a game like Hi-Fi Rush deviated from the publisher’s traditional releases, Bethesda Softworks appears content with the game. Tango Gameworks, usually known for horror games, surprised everyone with a vibrant, action-rhythm game this year.

Pete Hines recently acknowledged that many players enjoy titles like Hi-Fi Rush. Its success has made them more open to trying new and unique games.

Why it matters: Bethesda Softworks’ willingness to take risks on different games opens up the possibility of many new titles exploring different genres from the high-profile studios under the publisher.

Hi-Fi Rush

During a recent interview, Pete Hines described his satisfaction with Tango Gameworks. Following Hi-Fi Rush’s success with players and critics, rumors surfaced about Bethesda Softworks providing more support to Tango Gameworks.

Such reports appear to be spot on, as Pete Hines echoed a similar opinion during the interview. He said:

“Taking risks and supporting developers who want to do something new is always a good thing.”

One reason the publisher surprised everyone with the release of Hi-Fi Rush was to avoid lengthy explanations about Tango Gameworks’ creative choices.

It was a departure from the developer’s usual horror games, and Bethesda Softworks thought players trying it firsthand would work better than explaining it beforehand.

It turned out to be a clever move because Hi-Fi Rush was a hit on platforms like Game Pass, reaching a massive audience.

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This has been a valuable lesson for the publisher as it continues to innovate and explore new territory in the gaming industry.

When asked about the relationship with developers, Pete Hines emphasized an openness to collaborating with developers and taking calculated risks, even if it meant trying something new for these studios.

Pete Hines was also asked to comment on any future surprises like Hi-Fi Rush, but he did not reveal much.

Nevertheless, Bethesda Softworks’ support for developers trying new and unconventional ideas has paid off, proving that exploring the unknown can be rewarding at times. The studio’s commitment to innovation and collaboration is expected to continue shaping the future of Xbox’s first-party offerings.

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