Saints Row 1 & 2 Remakes Not Planned For Now, Confirms Volition

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""We have no plans to remake them!"

The original Saints Row celebrated its 17th anniversary recently. Since then, the series has seen various changes, with the latest release, Saints Row 2022, serving as a reboot.

To celebrate the game’s anniversary, the official Saints Row account took to Twitter and reminisced about the game. Following the post, fans were quick to ask about potential remakes for Saints Row 1 & 2.

However, the Twitter account confirmed that no remakes are planned for now.

Why it matters: The gaming industry has seen many remakes and remasters in recent years. Such projects often serve as relatively quicker and safer releases, appealing to nostalgic fans and new audiences.

Many fans congratulated the team for its work on the original Saints Row, which led to a franchise that has existed for nearly 20 years. This also led to many wanting to replay or try the original Saints Row for the first time.

However, the game is not available on modern consoles like the PS4 and PS5, leading to requests for a potential remake. One fan suggested that Volition should remake the first two games with a brand-new engine. Replying to this, the Twitter account said:

“We have no plans to remake them.”

This disappointed the user, who immediately asked if Volition was just not too fond of its fans.


The studio’s comment was swarmed by disappointed fans, showing that there is still a lot of interest in Saints Row 1 & 2.

Nonetheless, Xbox users can still enjoy the first game via backward compatibility. Unfortunately, PC and PlayStation are currently out of luck. Compared to the first game, its sequel is available on PC, but the port leaves much to be desired.

Volition revisited the third game from the franchise in 2020, releasing a remaster for modern consoles. While there are no plans to remake the original games at the moment, this comment does not rule out the possibility of such projects entirely.

The studio’s latest release, Saints Row 2022, has been considered a commercial failure. This may encourage Volition to put plans on hold and potentially consider revisiting the older titles.

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