Embracer Lost Big On Saints Row Which Cost $100 Million

Saints Row Led To Big Losses!

Saints Row was released last year in August, after a long hiatus for the long-running franchise. The newest entry served as a reboot for the franchise but kept a similar over-the-top style that was seen in past games.

Volition’s fresh reboot was released to a mediocre reception, and many were not fond of the franchise’s new direction. However, early sales reports for the game appeared to be encouraging, but Embracer has just revealed that Saints Row led to huge losses for the company.

Saints Row was given a budget of over $100 million, but this did not lead to much profit for Embracer. Following the disappointing release, developer Volition was also integrated into Gearbox Software.

This could mean that fans of the franchise might have to wait a few years for a new title in the Saints Row universe. Embracer has clarified that the company is taking a different approach to projects moving forward.

Each new project has to earn its right to exist, which should lead to more quality releases for the best possible experience. With the growing costs of game development, it makes sense for Embracer to ensure that every new release is profitable to an extent for major game publishers. 

Embracer has also announced that developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are aiming to release five AAA games in the next five years. Looking at the busy release schedule, the company might not be able to give much attention to the Saints Row franchise in the coming years. 

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