Eidos Montreal And Crystal Dynamics To Release Five AAA Games By 2028

5 AAA Games In 5 Years!

Embracer Group has just revealed its quarterly financial earnings, giving the industry a look at future releases from the various developers owned by Embracer. This includes studios like Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, THQ Nordic, and more. 

In addition to details such as game sales and previous performance, it has been revealed that Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics will release five AAA games in the next five years. 

Crystal Dynamics Eidos Montreal
Source: Embracer

One of these five games is the next title in the classic Tomb Raider franchise. In December, it was announced that Amazon would be publishing Tomb Raider, with Crystal Dynamics leading development on Unreal Engine 5.

Crystal Dynamics is also involved in the Perfect Dark reboot, which is being developed for the Xbox Series S|X platforms and PC. This project will likely see the light of day within the timespan specified by Embracer. 

Leaker Jason Schrier has reported that Eidos Montreal is working on three projects. This includes a brand-new IP, a new entry in the Deux Ex series, and a development partnership of Microsoft’s Fable reboot. 

The company has also specified the criteria a game needs to meet to be considered a AAA production. This includes over 100 developers and an expectation of at least two million sold copies

However, all of these projects are likely very early in development. Going by modern game development timelines, it would be surprising to see games from these developers coming out anytime soon. 

Crystal Dynamics also recently ended support for Marvel’s Avengers, shifting focus to future projects. This might help the developer aim for Embracer’s expected release schedule of AAA games in the coming years.

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