Crystal Dynamics Is Discontinuing Support For Avengers

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The End Is Near For Marvel's Avengers!

Update: Crystal Dynamics has officially announced that the final content update will be released on March 31, and the game will be officially supported till September 30.

The developer will also give away all of the game’s cosmetic items for free starting March 31. This includes emotes, costumes and nameplates, and more as a token of thanksgiving to the Marvel’s Avengers community.

Marvel's Avengers
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Original Story: Marvel’s Avengers was released in 2020 and promised to be an epic superhero game with an iconic cast of characters. Featuring fan favorites like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, there was little reason to worry about the success of the highly anticipated release. 

However, developer Crystal Dynamics was more interested in a live-service model than a ground-breaking single-player game. Unlike the Batman Arkham games, Avengers focused on adding new characters over time with add-ons like Battle Passes. 

This decision was controversial, and many believe that this model kept the game from reaching its true potential. To Crystal Dynamic’s credit, the developer has continued to support the game for over a year, but recent news has indicated that the developer is ready to move on.

According to a reliable Marvel’s Avengers leaker, development on the game is being discontinued, and an announcement could be made next week.

Marvel's Avengers

The leaker claims that Marvel’s Avengers will receive a few changes before the developer jumps ship for future projects. Gameplay systems like the cosmetic microtransactions will be overhauled, while player traversal for characters like Captain America and The Hulk will also be improved. 

According to the report, Crystal Dynamics is also looking to maintain the game’s playability for existing and future players. This includes keeping the game up for sale digitally until September, at least. 

Crystal Dynamics had initially planned to support the game for a few more months, but a discovery of old tweets from Lead Developer Brian Waggoner accelerated the process of cutting support. The studio is now expected to focus on the next Tomb Raider game in partnership with Amazon Games. 

While Marvel’s Avengers may be coming to an end, the game has been the source of concern for future superhero games. A recent leak from Rocksteady Studio’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League showed live-service elements like a Battle Pass. Fans were quick to draw comparisons to Marvel’s Avengers as they expressed concern over the leak. 

Marvel’s Avengers may have disappointed audiences, but the game had a lot of potential. It is difficult to imagine Earth’s Mightiest Heroes failing so spectacularly, but a mixture of live-service elements and monetization focus has proven to be too big of a challenge for the Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers Crystal Dynamics Discontinued Support

Fans might have to wait many years before the iconic characters can come together in another video game, but there is plenty of Marvel content to keep fans busy in the meantime.

A new game starring Captain America and Black Panther is currently in development, and EA Motive is also working on an Iron Man game. If this wasn’t exciting enough already, the much anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games is also set to release in 2023. 

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