Hogwarts Legacy Will Take Up To 70 Hours To Fully Complete

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Up To 70 Hours Of Content!

Hogwarts Legacy is just a few weeks away, and a huge chunk of the gaming industry is looking forward to the game. The game is set in the Harry Potter universe, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the role of a custom character as they explore Hogwarts and the mysteries surrounding it.

The game recently reached the top-selling spot on Steam, beating games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. As such, fans continue to be curious about the upcoming title, and a leaked art book from the game has just revealed some more information to be excited about.

Apart from the art book, the leaker has also highlighted various aspects of the game. According to the leak, Hogwarts Legacy features up to 70 hours of content

The leak reveals that Hogwarts Legacy will offer 35 hours of playtime for the main story, including three mandatory side-missions. This means that the game has approximately 35 hours of optional content, adding to the 70-hour figure mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, the leaker also highlights more information on the game’s map. A previous leak detailed Hogwarts Legacy’s world map; however, the leak claims that the map has now been cut into a smaller section. 

Fans can also take a look at the in-game UI, as well as customization options for the playable character. The art book shows various attires featured in the game, hinting at substantial variety for players.

Earlier, it was claimed that Quidditch might not be included in Hogwarts Legacy. The art book appears to confirm the previous leak, but players will still have access to broomsticks for exploration and traversal around the world.

Hogwarts Legacy

For PlayStation users, Hogwarts Legacy will also include exclusive content like the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop, which consists of extra dungeons, a cosmetic set, and more.

Therefore, users looking to purchase the game might want to consider the PlayStation consoles for the anticipated title. Hogwarts Legacy will also support 60FPS on consoles, further adding to the appeal of the PlayStation platform.

Hogwarts Legacy appears to be a game that fans have wanted for many years. Gaming audiences have a lot of expectations for the title, and the gameplay shown so far does not look like it will disappoint.

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