Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy’s Biggest Drawbacks Were The Weak Characters And Plot

Hogwarts Legacy may have triumphed as last year's biggest release, but it was far from a perfect game when looked at closely.

Hogwarts Legacy 2: Petition To Drop Live Service Receives Nearly 5K Sign Ups

Following WB's decision to focus on live service games, a new petition has been made to keep Hogwarts Legacy as a single-player series.

Hogwarts Legacy 2 Likely To Be Live Service As WB Shifts Focus

WB might not be too interested in a single-player sequel to Hogwarts Legacy, with the gaming giant pivoting to a live-service focus.

Hogwarts Legacy Sequel To Use Unreal Engine 5

The long-rumored Hogwarts Legacy sequel may rely on Unreal Engine 5, using this technology for a next-gen experience.

Hogwarts Legacy Reaches 24 Million Sales Milestone

Harry Potter has become a billion-dollar gaming franchise for Warner Bros, with Hogwarts Legacy selling 24 million units.

Hogwarts Legacy Became Top-Selling Game of 2023 In The US

Hogwarts Legacy finally ended Activision and Rockstar's reign at the top, becoming the best-selling title of 2023 in the US.

Hogwarts Legacy Sold 22 Million Units As Best-Selling Title of 2023

Hogwarts Legacy has officially topped 22 million sales. Among these sales, around 10% came from the holidays in December.

Hogwarts Legacy Became UK’s Best-Selling Physical Game In 2023

Hogwarts Legacy has been dubbed the best-selling physical release of the UK, beating out popular IPs like FIFA.

Hogwarts Legacy Is Google’s Most Searched Game In 2023

Hogwarts Legacy has topped multiple charts this year, and Google confirms that it was also the most searched game of 2023.

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