Nintendo Switch 2 Expected To Be Iterative Console Priced At $400

More Powerful Hardware But Similar Design!

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  • The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to be released this year.
  • An analyst predicts that the console will not be revolutionary like its predecessor.
  • He also believes that the prices of Nintendo games could rise to $70 across the board with this release.

While Nintendo hasn’t publicly admitted anything about the existence of the Switch 2, leaks have revealed the successor of Switch. The new handheld is expected to be released this year, and an analyst claims that the Nintendo Switch 2 will just be an iteration rather than a revolution.

Why it matters: The Nintendo Switch has been the most successful modern console, selling over 132 million units. This makes it the gaming giant’s second-best-selling hardware overall and the only modern console to rival the PS2.

Nintendo Switch

Like every year, Games Industry has released predictions from many analysts for 2024, and one of them is Dr. Serkan Toto from Kantan Games, who accurately predicted that the prices of Nintendo’s games would go up last year.

Outlining his expectation for 2024, Dr. Serkan Toto believes the Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in 2024 with a price tag of $400, which is similar to a recent claim from another analyst.

He further pointed out that the price of Nintendo Switch games could reach $70 across the board and said:

“There is a high chance that games will cost more, too: $70.”

This was already observed with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which became the company’s first $70 release in 2023, but Nintendo might adopt this price point for all first-party games moving forward.

The analyst also predicts that the console will be an iteration rather than a revolution. He said:

“Nintendo might add some bells and whistles to the device, but it will be similar to the current Switch.”

In 2017, handheld gaming was considered a dying segment of the industry. Nintendo practically revived this industry, and its take on a hybrid console was quite the game-changer.

While some rumors pointed to a few unique concepts, no such revolution is expected for the next console, so it will come with a similar design and functionalities.

Nintendo Switch

Recent leaks have also claimed that the Nintendo Switch successor will include 12GB of RAM, beating the Xbox Series S. It should also include DLSS and support Nvidia hardware features like ray tracing.

Going by the leaks and rumors leading up to this console’s release, we believe that Nintendo will officially announce the Switch 2 soon with the release date. Reliable sources have pointed to a release in H2 2024, but nothing has been officially announced yet.

This should mean that 2024 will be a great year for Nintendo and its fans. With a new console, first-party additions like Mario vs Donkey Kong, and a brand new console, a lot of exciting months lie ahead.

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