Fallout Series Creator Confirms Involvement In Outer Worlds 2

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Tim Cain Working As A Consultant!

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  • The Outer Worlds 2 is currently being developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
  • It has been revealed that the original creator of the Fallout franchise is working as a consultant on the game.
  • Tim Cain has also worked on The Outer Worlds, motivating the developer to bring him back for the sequel.

The Outer Worlds, released in 2019 by Obsidian Entertainment, has sold over 5 million units. Following the success of this RPG, The Outer Worlds 2 has begun development.

While the developer hasn’t revealed a release date, this title is expected to arrive in 2026 at some point. Still, the anticipation surrounding the game is increasing every year.

Adding to this excitement, it has been confirmed that the original creator of the Fallout IP is involved in the development of The Outer Worlds 2.

Why it matters: The Fallout franchise is considered exemplary for Western RPGs, being among the few pioneers of the genre.

The Outer Worlds

Tim Cain has revealed in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun that he is now working as a consultant for The Outer Worlds 2. His main job is to give feedback on the levels, story, and different aspects.

The former director’s previous work on The Outer Worlds was already quite impressive, making this game from Obsidian Entertainment among the studio’s biggest projects. This is likely why the studio was so stoked to have the developer return for the sequel.

His influence was already felt in the first game, with parts of it reminiscent of the atmosphere of Fallout. However, following this release, he decided to retire. Having served as a director for The Outer Worlds, Tim Cain recently reflected on his journey as a developer. He said:

“There is so much about being a game director that is not fun.”

YouTube video

Cain also teased more information about this game, pointing to the studio doing a lot of interesting stuff in the sequel. In particular, he stated that Obsidian Entertainment is working on things that reminded him of his original work.

This made joining The Outer Worlds 2 appealing to him, but Tim Cain refrained from giving away anything too obvious.

In addition to his work as a consultant, Cain is filling other roles in development. The veteran developer is helping the team bring their vision to life with this RPG, though little is known about its release date.

The game was shown off to the public in 2021, but the studio is currently focused on releasing Avowed this year.

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