Silent Hill 2 Remake Reportedly Releasing On 21 March, 2024

Announcement At The Game Awards?

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  • Silent Hill 2 Remake is already available to pre-order at many major websites.
  • One website has mentioned that the game is expected to be released on 21 March 2024.
  • Konami still hasn’t revealed anything about the release window, but a reveal is expected at The Game Awards 2023.

It has been over 22 years since the original Silent Hill 2 was released. Because of its prestige in the horror genre, many players are looking forward to the remake announced last year.

The game’s development is almost completed, and a Steam update has hinted at a nearing release. While Konami has refrained from sharing much information, the game is now available to pre-order, and one website points to a 21 March 2024 release.

Why it matters: While most dates are placeholders for now, Silent Hill 2 Remake does not have this exact date on all websites. Since the 21 March date appears quite specific, it would not be surprising to find out that it is accurate.

This information comes from the website PCGameBenchmark. As spotted on Twitter, the website claims Silent Hill 2 Remake will be available on 21 March.

While this doesn’t necessarily confirm the release date, Bloober Team, and Konami are already very close to wrapping up development. As such, a release window in March seems plausible.

It should also be noted that the voice actor for James has claimed that Silent Hill 2 Remake is targeting an early 2024 release. Therefore, 21 March seems within the realm of possibilities for now.

If this date is accurate, Konami could be gearing up to showcase the remake at The Game Awards in December.


While we believe Konami has done a good job marketing this remake so far, the anticipation is reaching new levels after the studio’s reluctance to share more information.

Fortunately, there isn’t much time left for The Game Awards. This event will be held on 7 December 2023, so fans should mark their calendars for this date.

Silent Hill 2 is easily one of the most influential games in the survival horror genre. When it was released back in 2001, it played a huge role in laying the foundations of this genre along with IPs like Resident Evil.

Horror games have already gone through a massive resurgence in 2023. The coming year is seemingly gearing up to carry this momentum forward, with the remake being one of the most anticipated releases in 2024.

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