Silent Hill 2 Remake Dev Blames Konami For Lack of Marketing

Cautiously Optimistic For Trailer At Game Awards!

Story Highlights
  • It has been over a year since Konami announced the remake of Silent Hill 2.
  • Amid concerns about the game being canceled, Bloober Team pointed to Konami for the current marketing strategy.
  • With The Game Awards right around the corner, the game’s next appearance could be coming soon.

Silent Hill 2 was released 22 years ago, and the series still has a massive fanbase. To capitalize on its popularity, Konami announced the remake of this old classic during a Silent Hill Transmission last year.

Since then, excitement for the remake has not died down, but the publisher has refused to show more of the remake. While Silent Hill 2 Remake has almost been completed, Konami’s lack of marketing appears to be bizarre.

According to developer Bloober Team, Konami is to blame for the lack of marketing.

Why it matters: The lack of information about Silent Hill 2 Remake has caused frustration and confusion, with many questioning if the project is going through a tough phase in development.

When asked about an estimated window for news about the remake, Bloober Team was direct and informed fans that marketing is part of Konami’s job.

Many fans feared the worst and asked the developer if the remake had been canceled. Fortunately, the studio was able to confirm that development is still in progress, with the studio nearing completion.

It appears Konami was more focused on advertising Metal Gear Solid in 2023. While Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake was revealed after Silent Hill 2 Remake, the former has already received a short gameplay snippet recently.

Still, a few updates on Steam have pointed to a nearing release for this horror remake. The game might be set for a 21 March release if a recently spotted date is to be believed.

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With The Game Awards just weeks away, Konami may have something prepared for the fans. 

A new Silent Hill 2 Remake trailer at this event would garner millions of views, so it does not seem too far-fetched to believe the publisher has a surprise in store for the fans.

As a remake of a game that pioneered the modern horror genre, this title has the potential to shake up the industry once again. Horror games have gone through a revolution in 2023, and we expect Silent Hill 2 Remake to ensure 2024 is just as good of a year for the genre, if not better. 

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