Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Looks Stunning In New Gameplay

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In-Engine Footage Highlights Stealth!

Three Metal Gear Solid classics were recently released by Konami after a long hiatus. Fans had been waiting for this collection and the Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, but Konami disappointed many with the remasters.

While a new entry in the series doesn’t appear likely, Konami is settling with remakes and remasters. Following a disappointing release, the publisher has provided fans with something to be happy about.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake has received its first gameplay preview, and it looks stunning.

Why it matters: This remake has a lot of anticipation behind it due to the legacy of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Hideo Kojima’s work on this legendary franchise.

YouTube video

The trailer highlights the potential of Unreal Engine 5, showcasing a gorgeous recreation of the third mainline game. Konami is calling the new game Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, and it looks very promising so far.

The trailer highlights prominent stealth elements in real-time. Snake is seen climbing cliffs, crouching through the jungle, and sneaking up on enemies for a stealth execution.

From the character models to the dense jungle environments, the remake appears to consistently impress in its presentation, packing a shocking amount of detail in the first footage.

While there is still a lot of doubt about Konami and its work on the remake, this trailer has fans excited about the upcoming release.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

Many fans are pleased that the publisher appears to be faithfully recreating Hideo Kojima’s work after critics and players of the recent remasters noted that the Master Collection received barely any improvements.

We have also been impressed with the footage so far, but the use of Unreal Engine 5 is a bit concerning. Recently, many developers have struggled to optimize the engine for PC and consoles, so we hope that this remake doesn’t meet a similar fate.

Nonetheless, Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater could lead to a new resurgence for this franchise. With Konami being open to more remakes, the success of this project could spawn several more remakes for the stealth-action series.

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