Starfield Has Amassed 11 Million Players Since Release

Starfield Set Record For Single Day Game Pass Subscribers!

Starfield is seemingly unstoppable. Having reached over 10 million players last month, the RPG has continued to grow. During Microsoft’s latest investors call, CEO Satya Nadella confirmed a new milestone for the game.

According to the CEO, Starfield has reached 11 million players across all platforms.

Why it matters: This is another major milestone for the game, cementing this release as Bethesda Game Studios’ best contribution to the gaming industry. 


Prior to the conference, Microsoft announced the best Q1 performance for Xbox during FY24. Starfield was expected to be the driving force behind much of this success, and the CEO’s comment confirms this was the case.

Speaking to investors, Satya Nadella said:

“More than 11 million people have played the game to date.”

He confirmed that around half of the time spent in the RPG came from players on PC. While this may be underwhelming for Xbox consoles, Microsoft’s focus on a gaming ecosystem means this divide does not matter much in the long run.

The CEO announced another major accomplishment for Starfield, stating that this release led to record-breaking Xbox Game Pass subscriptions in a single day. Meanwhile, the title also took the spot of the best-selling game in the US last month.

Therefore, the RPG has delivered on all fronts, bringing sales, players, Game Pass subscribers, and significantly higher revenue for Xbox.


Apart from Starfield, Microsoft’s arcade racer, Forza Horizon 5, reached a new milestone recently, accumulating over 34 million players in less than two years.

Combining these excellent results, Xbox is doing better than ever, with an endless amount of positive news for the gaming giant after the recent quarterly earnings results.

While Starfield has already accomplished a lot, the game is yet to receive DLC content, official DLSS support, and mods for consoles. Therefore, the RPG has a lot of life left, and Xbox will likely see millions of new players joining the vast universe as the updates are rolled out.

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