Bethesda Believed It Could Do No Wrong Before Disastrous Fallout 76 Launch

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"Our Own Hubris Caught Up With Us!"

Bethesda Games Studios has released some of the highest-rated RPGs in the gaming industry. Games like The Elder Scrolls 5 have also sold over 65 million units, showing the developer’s remarkable success.

Such success meant that the team was always confident in its work and abilities. However, it may have been too confident for its own good, as shown by the release of Fallout 76.

A former developer has recently claimed that Fallout 76 was a result of this mistake, with the team’s ego leading to its downfall.

Why it matters: Fallout 76 is still the developer’s worst-rated release, highlighting the fact that no developer is completely infallible.

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During a recent interview with MinnMax, Bruce Nesmith, a developer for Bethesda Game Studios until 2021, addressed the controversy around Fallout 76.

He is not the first developer to admit that this release was terrible, but his comments provided more insight into the team and its mindset. According to the developer, the team was not as focused as it should have been.

He also pointed out that the studio began to think it could do no wrong, which culminated in a disastrous release. Bruce Nesmith said:

“To a certain extent, our own hubris caught up with us.”

The developer pointed to the studio’s past successes, with many of their releases considered Game of the Year material in the past.

Therefore, the studio was acknowledged and praised for its work. Unfortunately, this became the very reason for its downfall, as Bruce Nesmith elaborated that, despite the studio’s mindset, it was prone to error like anybody else.

Fallout 76

Since then, Bethesda Game Studios has learned several valuable lessons from this release, taking the time to polish Starfield for its release in September.

We are also glad Fallout 76 is doing better than ever today, with the team supporting it through more content and a 60FPS update for consoles. Such efforts have also carried over to Starfield, which has become the developer’s most polished game.

Currently, Bethesda Game Studios is working on The Elder Scrolls 6.

A remaster of Fallout 3 is also rumored to be in development, and we hope the studio continues to reflect on its worst release from a few years ago. This will ensure such errors are avoided, enabling the studio to realize its full potential in the RPG genre.

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