EA Iron Man Job Listing Hints At RPG Elements For The Game

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Possibly For Different Builds With Suits & Weapons!

EA Motive has proven to be an excellent studio after its work on the beautiful recreation of Dead Space. The studio’s next project deals with Iron Man, bringing the character to the gaming industry through a solo AAA game for the first time in many years.

Leveraging Unreal Engine 5, the developers will set players loose in an open world, allowing them to fly at high speeds and use Iron Man’s arsenal for a memorable gaming experience.

While little else is known about this project, we have found a job opening for a Senior System Designer at EA Motive, which hints at RPG mechanics for the game.

EA Iron Man
Source: Job Listing For Senior Systems Designer

Among the qualifications required for the position, EA Motive asks for:

“Knowledge of recent titles and trends in action games and RPGs.”

With the studio specifically looking to apply trends from RPGs, this requirement suggests that Iron Man will include a few RPG mechanics of its own.

While EA Motive has already confirmed that its take on the character will be based on the action-adventure genre, modern games have borrowed elements of RPGs for other genres in the pursuit of more customization and longevity.

In this case, the Marvel character is known to have a massive arsenal and different outfits. As such, the studio could be looking to incorporate a system with different builds, allowing players to customize and create their favorite version of Iron Man.

It would not be surprising to see stats and attributes for different armor sets, encouraging players to experiment and find the perfect build suited to their play style. Such mechanics would introduce subtle RPG elements to the game without being too intrusive for those who prefer a streamlined experience.

Another qualification for the job ad states:

“Experience working on progression systems and game economies.”

The game’s progression system could also tie into the RPG mechanics, with Iron Man becoming more powerful with each level and different economies allowing players to upgrade specific parts or gear pieces.

EA Iron Man

Similar systems were already present in the recently delisted Marvel’s Avengers. However, EA Motive would likely ensure that gear and stat-based mechanics do not get overwhelming since Iron Man is an action-adventure game at its core.

The developer recently confirmed Iron Man is still in pre-production, so a lot of mechanics are yet to be finalized, and everything is subject to change. Still, we believe a few RPG mechanics would work well for the character, given the general trend of customization and player freedom in modern games.

The developer has also confirmed the return of its ‘community council,’ which will allow players to share feedback during the course of development. Therefore, EA Motive will likely share more details about the game much sooner than initially anticipated.

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