Marvel’s Avengers Officially Removed From All Digital Stores

Goodbye Marvel's Avengers!

Marvel’s Avengers was released three years ago and promised to bring the excitement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the gaming industry through crossovers between characters like Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and more.

However, the game aimed to use these characters for a live service focus, providing new content and adding characters on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this focus led to the game’s downfall.

Following years of disappointment, Marvel’s Avengers has been pulled from digital storefronts worldwide, bringing the game’s journey to an end.

Why it matters: Live service games have begun to fall apart left and right, with upcoming games like Hyenas being canceled before release. Marvel’s Avengers is just one example of the larger problem with this genre.

Marvel's Avengers Crystal Dynamics Discontinued Support

Earlier this year, the studio had already confirmed the end of official support for Marvel’s Avengers. It also announced that the game would be removed from digital storefronts on 30 September.

Before the game was delisted, it was put on sale across all major platforms, providing Marvel fans one final opportunity to grab the game for less than $5 after it had received plenty of additional content.

The studio has also provided all the additional cosmetics for free, leading to a better experience for newcomers than day-one buyers. Although the game is no longer being sold, it is still playable for existing owners.

Marvel's Avengers

The game’s focus on live service and inclusions like battle passes and microtransactions ultimately led to its failure. Since then, the creative director has also apologized to fans for the disappointing release, citing a troubled development for many of the game’s issues.

Marvel’s Avengers serves as an example of a game held back due to its core focus. Had Crystal Dynamics maintained a strong focus on single-player gameplay, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes may have found their place in the gaming industry much like their film counterparts.

Nonetheless, the game can still prove to be fun for fans of Marvel and these characters, providing some value to new buyers after the recent discounts.

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