Marvel Allegedly Increasing Focus On Games After EA’s Iron Man

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Expect Even More Games From Marvel!

Marvel is home to some of the greatest superhero comics of all time. With characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine, the studio has no shortage of iconic characters and stories.

It has lent many of these characters to the gaming industry recently, but only a few have managed to stand out. Spider-Man from Insomniac Games is arguably the best example of a modern superhero game, with the studio releasing Spider-Man 2 later this month.

However, a leaker claims that this is just the beginning of Marvel’s ventures in the industry, as it plans to increase its focus on gaming adaptations.

Why it matters: It is no secret that interest in Marvel’s cinematic projects is not as high as it used to be just a few years ago. Therefore, an increased focus on high-quality games could help the studio move past this difficult phase and maintain its popularity.

A recent tweet pointed to the modern Marvel gaming projects that ended up falling short of expectations. It included the likes of Marvel’s Avengers, which was recently discounted ahead of its removal from storefronts in September.

Other games like Guardians of the Galaxy, while well-received by fans, did not find the commercial success that the developers had hoped for. Responding to the tweet, Marvel leaker CanWeGetToast claimed the company is already aware of such failures.

The leaker then stated that Marvel is planning a bigger push in the gaming industry, internally hoping to start major plans after recently announced games like Iron Man and Black Panther.

Currently, an open-world Iron Man game is in development by EA Motive, the studio that revitalized Dead Space through a remake earlier this year. On the other hand, Black Panther is being handled by a new developer, Cliffhanger Games.

In addition to these projects, Insomniac Games is working on a Wolverine game, which is expected to arrive by late 2024. Another major project is in development by Skydance New Media, featuring Captain America and Black Panther.

Therefore, Marvel has already shown plenty of interest in the industry. However, the leak could mean other characters like the Hulk, Thor, Doctor Strange, and more may receive similar adaptations.

Additionally, franchises like Marvel vs. Capcom may also return to capitalize on the nostalgic values of such IPs.

Iron Man Game

While Marvel has already begun to expand into the gaming industry, the prospects of an even bigger focus could be exciting for the future of superhero games.

Traditionally, Batman and Spider-Man have had the most influence in games, but this move may allow other characters to find popularity in the industry, potentially encouraging DC to also bring more of its characters to life through different games.

With a diverse range of games through multiple characters and different studios, Marvel’s future in the gaming industry certainly seems promising. The latest leak provides further hope that the company will continue to focus on high-quality games, leading to a new era of superhero games.

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