The Elder Scrolls 6 Was Announced Early Because of Fan Demand

Expect Details 6 Months Before Release!

The announcement for Elder Scrolls 6 has been out in the wild since 2018. Five years later, Bethesda Game Studios has recently released Starfield to much success, but another game in the Elder Scrolls franchise is nowhere to be seen.

Evidently, the team was hasty in revealing this title, but a former developer from the studio has provided more insight into the decision, claiming that an early announcement was made due to fan demand.

Why it matters: The Elder Scrolls 6 could be the most important title for Bethesda Game Studios since it follows the studio’s most successful RPG.

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When discussing the perfect time to commence a game’s marketing cycle, former Skyrim Lead Designer Bruce Nesmith stated that developers who announce games too early back themselves into a corner.

He then reflected on the reveal of The Elder Scrolls 6 and said:

“The pitchforks and torches were out. That got Todd to say, Yes, we are going to do Elder Scrolls 6.”

This statement highlights the odd relationship between developers and fans. While both are essential to each other, sometimes pressure from fans can negatively impact developers.

In the past, developers have received hate and threats for staying quiet about games or announcing delays. While these are extreme examples, Todd Howard ultimately made an early announcement due to the pressure from the fans.

Nonetheless, Bruce Nesmith believes fans are unlikely to learn much about the developer’s next game anytime soon. He expects the studio to begin the marketing campaign six months before release, with little detail before this period.

Elder Scrolls 6

The studio took a similar approach to Starfield, and it appears the gaming industry, in general, is moving toward shorter marketing cycles. A game like Spider-Man 2 was revealed two years before release, but it did not receive any substantial information until a few months ago.

Therefore, fans may see one or two teasers in the coming years, but most of The Elder Scrolls 6’s marketing and information will likely arrive close to release.

Nonetheless, Bethesda Game Studios hopes to make the wait for The Elder Scrolls 6 worthwhile. Todd Howard already has several ideas for the game, dubbing it the ultimate fantasy simulator.

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