Journalist Tells Tetris Champ To Go Outside After He Set New Record

"Beating Tetris Is Not A Life Goal"

Story Highlights
  • Willis Gibson, a teenage prodigy, recently broke a Tetris world record.
  • Following the news, a Sky News presenter called him out and told him to go outside.
  • This comment was made off-script during a live broadcast, which attracted criticism from many people.

A teenager named Willis Gibson has found attention from millions after making a world record. Gibson is a 13-year-old kid who managed to break the Tetris world record during a live broadcast.

With so much praise, the teenager was bound to receive negative attention as well. Not too long after the record was broken, a Sky News representative seemingly mocked Gibson’s achievement, claiming that beating Tetris is not a life goal.

Why it matters: Beating Tetris was considered impossible a couple of years ago, with many under the impression that this was only achievable through the use of artificial intelligence.

Jayne Secker is a 51-year-old news presenter who recently reported on this incredible Tetris story. However, she went off the script and offered unsolicited advice to the teenager. During the broadcast, the news presenter said:

“Step away from the screen, go outside, get some fresh air.”

Making matters even worse, she said:

“Beating Tetris is not a life goal.”

However, on the contrary, this record was quite a big deal. Gibson became the first ever person to beat Tetris on the NES. Crashing the game, he reached the true kill screen and made history.

Jayne Secker likely did not understand the impact of this feat, but many were quick to express their criticism of this comment. After watching the footage, Gibson’s mother also commented publicly on the matter. She told the New York Times:

“I’m OK with it. He does other things outside of playing Tetris, so it wasn’t that difficult to say OK.”

Various social media users have also pointed to the amount of skill and effort required to achieve such a record, encouraging Willis Gibson.

At the same time, the news presenter has received criticism, with many claiming her comment belittled the teenager and his accomplishment for no apparent reason.

Anyhow, we would like to congratulate Willis Gibson for this record. We hope to see him breaking even more records in the future, using his expertise in Tetris to make an even bigger name for himself.

Featured Image Credit: The New York Times

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