Silent Hill Short Message Looks Like A PT Successor In Latest Trailer

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Intense First-Person Horror Now Available on PS5!

Story Highlights
  • Silent Hill: The Short Message was shadow-dropped during Sony’s State of Play. 
  • The game portrays horror gameplay from a first-person perspective.
  • It looks oddly similar to Silent Hill PT, almost appearing to be a spiritual successor to this forgotten game.

Konami has begun to revive the Silent Hill IP in 2024. Unveiling new gameplay for Silent Hill 2 Remake, the publisher has captured everyone’s attention. However, in a bold move, it has also shadow-dropped another game today.

Silent Hill: The Short Message just made its debut at the latest State of Play with a menacing trailer. Konami has also launched it for PS5 owners already.

Why it matters: Silent Hill 2 was the most anticipated horror game for the State of Play, but many are now claiming that The Short Message stole the spotlight.

YouTube video

The trailer appears to portray the main character stuck in a chain of events. Showing her committing suicide, it cuts to a series of loops featuring dark corridors and mysteries behind locked doors.

If this sounds familiar, Konami already tried this style of horror game. Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill PT offered a similar premise, and remnants of this game are clearly littered all over the latest trailer from Konami.

Following the reveal, fans claim that this appears to be a direct response to the game. Others have also poked fun, claiming that everyone should make sure to keep the game secured on their hard drives in case it gets delisted, like Silent Hill PT.


For many, this title has overshadowed the Silent Hill 2 Remake. While the latter looks underwhelming, The Short Message’s focus on psychological horror has captured everyone’s attention in no time.

Not only has the game been released already, but it can also be downloaded free of cost. Therefore, PS5 owners can already jump in.

Konami has kept the trailer light on details. We expect the game to be fairly short, so this should prove to be a wise decision. Nonetheless, this release seems to be worth checking out for fans of Silent Hill PT.

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