Judas From Bioshock Creator Receives Incredible New Look

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Story Highlights
  • Judas captures the tense atmosphere and thrilling action of the BioShock franchise.
  • Players control a woman trapped on a crumbling starship, wielding both guns and mystical powers.
  • The game has received an incredible story trailer.

In 2007, BioShock changed the gaming scene by merging first-person shooter and horror elements. Now, Ghost Story Game introduces Judas, a game that captures the tense atmosphere and thrilling action reminiscent of BioShock.

Judas will be the first game from Ghost Story Games since Bioshock Infinite in 2014. Even though there isn’t any news about BioShock 4, PlayStation has shown more about the story of Judas recently as an alternate.

Why it matters: Fans of the Bioshock franchise have been waiting for almost a decade for the release of a new game. Although Judas is not a new game in the franchise, its new gameplay strongly resembles Bioshock games.

YouTube video

Ken Levine, the creative force behind the renowned BioShock series, revealed the sci-fi FPS Judas at The Game Awards 2022.

The first trailer presented Judas as a spiritual heir to BioShock, expanding on the franchise’s rich history. Expected to launch by March 2025, according to Take-Two, fans were looking forward to additional details during the State of Play.

Judas is an FPS game that tells the story of a woman stuck in a falling-apart starship. Battling hostility from other inhabitants, her survival depends on building fragile alliances.

Just like BioShock, Judas ensures an action-packed experience that merges traditional weapons like crossbows with mystical or sci-fi tech. The protagonist’s right hand manages firearms, while the left commands fire, electricity, and beyond.

These elements are at full display in the latest trailer. It captures the bizarre yet interesting nature of this world, showcasing Ken Levine’s talents of pulling you into a story without much exposition.


The trailer reveals characters in peculiar outfits, immersed in intense encounters with a twisted version of fairground rides—a nod to BioShock’s distinctive tone.

Moreover, the trailer intrigues players to question whether they’ll mend what they’ve disrupted, hinting at the potential for groundbreaking moments similar to BioShock’s shocking twist.

Judas aims to release on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC through Epic Games and Steam. Despite the incredibly satisfying new trailer, Ghost Story Games is yet to confirm a release date for the title.

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