Multiplayer Games Dominated Single-Player Games In 2023

Fortnite Took Lead In Almost Every Country!

Story Highlights
  • 2023 offered a lot of great highlights in both multiplayer and single-player games.
  • However, multiplayer games took the throne over single-player games.
  • Recent events suggest that the trend will favor multiplayer games more in the coming years.

While it had its ups and downs, last year was promising for the industry overall. Many developers successfully released high-quality games, and the single-player genre flourished in particular.

However, based on PlayStation’s interactive map showing top games played in 2023, multiplayer games appear to have dominated over single-player games by a wide margin.

Why it matters: Multiplayer games are often more inviting than single-player games due to their longevity. Such games receive constant support after release to keep the players entertained for a long time.

PlayStation Interactive Map For Most Played Games In 2023
PlayStation Interactive Map For Most Played Games In 2023

Fortnite dominates in 17 of 23 countries and consistently ranked in the top 3 in almost every country except South Korea. EA Sports FIFA 23 secures the second position in 19 instances, followed by Call of Duty appearing 15 times.

While these results were to be expected, there are various reasons why multiplayer games are typically found over single-player games in such charts, including the brand value.

IPs like FIFA and Call of Duty have gathered such massive fanbases that it is hard for them to fail. Multiplayer games also offer endless amounts of content, with the new trend of live service adding more to play with each season.

Meanwhile, single-player games usually lose players after the initial sales boom. This was already noticed when Hogwarts Legacy lost many of its players shortly after a record-breaking launch in 2023.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Despite falling behind multiplayer titles, single-player gaming showed promising results last year. The likes of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield were played by millions. Hogwarts Legacy also ended as the best-selling release of the year, a big deal for a single-player release.

Moving into 2024, multiplayer games are expected to continue their dominance. A report states nearly all studios are involved in one project or another as part of the live service genre.

As developers aim for more sustainable games and longevity, multiplayer appears more appealing. However, various single-player games are also coming to ensure everyone can enjoy something from the industry.

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