Hogwarts Legacy Sold 22 Million Units As Best-Selling Title of 2023

Beating Zelda: Tears of Kingdom By 2 Million!

Story Highlights
  • Hogwarts Legacy took the internet by storm when it was released.
  • The game has again achieved another milestone, surpassing 22 million copies sold this year.
  • Out of those, 2 million copies were sold solely in December.

Update As of 6th February:

In its latest financial report, Nintendo has confirmed that Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sold 20.28 million units in 2023. Therefore, Hogwarts Legacy can now be considered the undisputed best-seller of the year.

It beat the latest Zelda title by nearly 2 million units. Combining figures from 2024, the Harry Potter game has also sold 24 million units to date.

Original Story:

Hogwarts Legacy made a significant impact on the gaming world upon its release last year, overcoming multiple challenges, including boycotts and controversies. Despite these hurdles, the game emerged as the top-selling new release of 2023.

Adding to its list of achievements, Hogwarts Legacy has reached another significant milestone, with Warner Bros. Games announcing that it has sold over 22 million copies in 2023.

Why it matters: This release marked the first modern Harry Potter gaming adaptation in a while, proving that this IP still has a lot of life and fans across all different mediums.

Hogwarts Legacy

Warner Bros. Games disclosed that 2 million of the total sales were recorded in the month of December alone. This indicates that even though the game is nearly a year old, it continues to maintain its value and attract a substantial player base.

The credit for Hogwarts Legacy’s ongoing success goes to the dedicated developers who poured their passion into the game, creating an unforgettable experience. Their meticulous representation of the Harry Potter Universe, stunning visuals, and captivating mechanics all contributed to making the game truly exceptional.

The main competition for Warner Bros. Games this year came from Nintendo’s Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which sold 10 million units in 3 days. Nintendo’s last financial report confirmed it was edging closer to 20 million sales, but the final figure for the year remains unconfirmed.

Despite receiving highly favorable reviews upon its launch, Hogwarts Legacy surprisingly failed to secure nominations in any category at The Game Awards 2023, leaving many fans disappointed.

However, while it may not have made a name for itself at The Game Awards, Hogwarts Legacy’s achievements speak for themselves, with the game generating $850 million in just two weeks and surpassing expectations by selling twice as many copies as anticipated.

Hogwarts Legacy

Following these results, it would not be surprising to see Hogwarts Legacy expanding into an evolving gaming franchise. According to reports, a sequel is already in development since the game amassed over $1 billion in sales quite early on.

The game’s launch was initially clouded by controversies and an impending boycott. Many gamers spoke out against J.K. Rowling’s IP, criticizing those who bought the game.

Still, Hogwarts Legacy now stands as the biggest game in 2023 after the dust has settled. We expect to see an announcement confirming a sequel soon, and here are five things we would like to see incorporated into it.

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